Support for Blended delivery

Well done for a full week of Blended Delivery. 

All teaching staff should have received an invitation to accept a professional Zoom account in preparation for teaching. Contact Joe Wilson if you have not received a teaching staff upgrade and book a Zoom webinar to learn about the new features available to manage delivery of your classes. 

If you need a quiet and well equipped space to deliver or record a webinar there are webinar delivery rooms available for you to book on both City and Riverside Campuses . These come equipped with a PC , webcam and mike.  These bookable spaces will allow you to come into College to deliver or record a webinar . You can book these and other meeting rooms in the College through your Outlook Calendar.




Getting Ready for Teaching

The college is adopting a digital-first approach for Academic Year 20/21. The Learning & Teaching Academy have developed a webinar and workshop programme that is aligned to professional standards for teaching and support staff and informed by data from staff and student surveys.

Remember that support is always available on a 1:1 and Curriculum Teams basis from your Faculty assigned Learning Technologist, the Learning Technologies Help Desk ( and the Library Help Desk (


Welcome to Session 20/21

City of Glasgow College is adopting a digital first approach for Academic Year 20/21. The Learning & Teaching Academy have developed a webinar and workshop programme that is aligned to professional standards for teaching and support staff, and informed by data from staff and student surveys. 

We encourage all curriculum teams to book an ABC learning design workshop   as a team, to gain expertise in course design and delivery.  This allows teams to review their Moodle course, and content to ensure that it is designed following the College standard, and make the most of all of the tools and support available to learners. We also ask colleagues to take advantage of the Academy Webinar series starting on 17th August. 

Remember that support is always available on 1:1 and for Curriculum Teams from your Faculty assigned Learning Technologist and the Learning Technologies Helpdesk.’ And the Library Helpdesk 

Last week we launched a new pre full induction course for prospective learners. You can set up an account and view your own curriculum area. This is thanks to a big cross-College team effort over the summer period.

On the 14th of August our refreshed MyCity Moodle will be available for all teachers and learners. Make sure your courses in Moodle are allocated to correct curriculum area, and remember we refresh Moodle over the summer. If you did some updates after end of June you will need to move them across on to the new system, support is available online and from the Learning Technologies Team.



Library services for staff and students.

The campus libraries will be operating a reduced service commencing Monday 17 August, opening hours Monday – Friday 11am – 3pm.

If you want to use the campus libraries you will need to book in and confirm with the library team, you will be refused entry in to the the libraries if you have not booked. This is to ensure that social distancing measures are adhered to for staff and students. To find out what services are available, please visit

If you have any questions please contact

The library team is running drop in Zoom sessions for teaching staff every Mon – Wed 11 – 11.40 (the booking calendar is on the libguide)


LTA News

Welcome to the first LTA News Bulletin

Quick Read.

Find out about the Learning and Teaching Academy.

In the first month of the LTA launching, we supported teaching teams and beyond, reaching over 900 delegates we have now delivered to 2500 delegates . Book a webinar  week beginning 27/7  and week beginning 3/8/2020

 We focus on the core skills you need  : 

  • Staff know how to use Enquirer to contact students.
  • Staff can create and position forums in moodle courses to communicate and collaborate with learners , along with range of relevant content.
  • Using Zoom meeting , safely and securely to run classes.
  • For those with access staff know best ways to use and hold secure meetings over Microsoft Teams.
  • Staff can use a range of tools to generate and collect assessment evidence

We will now focus on teaching about learning design so we can offer learners a compelling online experience at the start of next session . Book an ABC Learning Design workshop and polish up your content for a remote learning start to next term.

Things to do now 

  1. Make sure your courses in moodle are allocated to correct curriculum area.
  2. Explore the libguides for your subject area and make sure you are embedding the best digital texts in your programme.
  3. Discover ClickView as an ideal place to store your video welcome for next year and returning students. 
  4. As an individual or better as a curriculum team get along to an ABC learning design workshop.  Have a look at the resources and  workshop  recordings,
  5. Interested in exploring the set up of your own reflective blog ? You can start journey at 
  6. Tom, Penny and Joe are meeting curriculum teams to support planning for session 20/21. ADs and Curriculum please get in touch. 

Longer Reads

Tom Duff Assistant Director LTA on establishment of LTA and future strategy

Joe Wilson Head of Digital Skills on College Landscape and changes we all need to make

Penny Robertson and Library Staff introduce new resources on library blog .

The LTA Development Journey

Watch and Listen



If you need support – IT , Learning Technology and Library Service teams are providing virtual helpdesks.

For IT email

For Learning Technology email

For Library Services

That’s all folks,  previous editions can be found here..

Busy Busy Busy

A strange child  sitting at computer in fancy dress with text saying busy busy busy

Here is a wee list of what we have achieved in last five weeks.

  1. On day college closed we had advice in place for teaching , support and students on working remotely.
  2. We moved all support on line is staffed every day and has now dealt with around 1000 support requests ( at 27/4) 
  3. We immediately rolled out Zoom as a practical delivery tool for teachers and provided associated support.
  4. We’ve run 2 webinars a day covering critical systems and support – with more than 500 staff attending sessions . Through online booking platform and we are about to initiate feedback form.
  5. Our offer has tracked staff demand – initially focusing on communication tools , now focusing on assessment and evidence gathering tools and post mid May we will focus on learning design to make courses more digital and blended for start of next session.
  6. We have continued both to support a number of commercial projects and have won more commercial funding during lock down – and we are still bidding for new business. 
  7. We documented our approach and it has been picked up as good practice and will feature in future GTCS Magazine.
  8.   From 17 March we have offered a digital first library service with advice, support, guidance and access to resources for students and staff. 
  9. We have designed, developed and launched the Learning and Teaching Academy online presence. Re-branded existing pages and building whole new libguide platform and creating a wordpress site and created a suite of short instructional videos and guides for staff working remotely.
  10. Our team has offered an online landscape to enable and support teaching teams to deliver online. With daily learning opportunities such as webinars to online learning courses that encourage and exploit digital technologies such as Teams, Zooms and many educational technologies and software. 
  11. The LTA has successfully created a team ethic that is centred on supporting academic development and enhancing teaching and learning within City and beyond.
  12. We are now well positioned to start the real work of transforming delivery at City of Glasgow College in a new working landscape.


Find out about the Learning and Teaching Academy.

It is the best of times and the worst of times to launch a new cross college service . But a good time to book a webinar .

book cover tale of two cities

Digital support has come into its own over the last four weeks. I am certain we won’t hear, ‘what does learning technology do ‘ from any quarter again.

Book A Webinar

Initial efforts focused on getting as many staff and students as possible communicating with each other . This involved making sure

  • Staff knew how to use Enquirer to contact students.
  • Staff could create and position forums in moodle courses to communicate and collaborate with learners.
  • Everyone knew how to use Zoom meeting , safely and securely to run classes.
  • For those with access showing staff best ways to use and hold secure meetings over Microsoft Teams.

Over the next few weeks we will move through more training around the tools that will help us tidy up any outstanding assessment and then we will focus on teaching about learning design so we can offer learners a compelling on line experience and moving on the aims of the Learning and Teaching Academy.


Welcome !

This is the first post in what will become a spot for staff across City of Glasgow College to share their reflections on learning and teaching practice. We are a large two campus city centre based college with 30,000 learners and 1400 teaching and support staff.view of students in entering  main building

In a fast moving environment our WordPress platform will support the developments across the College.

The Learning and Teaching Academy supports a range of activities across the College with overall aim transforming our approaches to learning and teaching.

The Academy seeks to identify key areas where colleagues engage in simple clear and effective uses of innovative pedagogy. At the Learning and Teaching Academy, we believe our approach will create time for staff to teach and learn differently.  At the heart of this is a belief that sharing and collaborating is at the heart of good learning.

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