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Here is a wee list of what we have achieved in last five weeks.

  1. On day college closed we had advice in place for teaching , support and students on working remotely.
  2. We moved all support on line is staffed every day and has now dealt with around 1000 support requests ( at 27/4) 
  3. We immediately rolled out Zoom as a practical delivery tool for teachers and provided associated support.
  4. We’ve run 2 webinars a day covering critical systems and support – with more than 500 staff attending sessions . Through online booking platform and we are about to initiate feedback form.
  5. Our offer has tracked staff demand – initially focusing on communication tools , now focusing on assessment and evidence gathering tools and post mid May we will focus on learning design to make courses more digital and blended for start of next session.
  6. We have continued both to support a number of commercial projects and have won more commercial funding during lock down – and we are still bidding for new business. 
  7. We documented our approach and it has been picked up as good practice and will feature in future GTCS Magazine.
  8.   From 17 March we have offered a digital first library service with advice, support, guidance and access to resources for students and staff. 
  9. We have designed, developed and launched the Learning and Teaching Academy online presence. Re-branded existing pages and building whole new libguide platform and creating a wordpress site and created a suite of short instructional videos and guides for staff working remotely.
  10. Our team has offered an online landscape to enable and support teaching teams to deliver online. With daily learning opportunities such as webinars to online learning courses that encourage and exploit digital technologies such as Teams, Zooms and many educational technologies and software. 
  11. The LTA has successfully created a team ethic that is centred on supporting academic development and enhancing teaching and learning within City and beyond.
  12. We are now well positioned to start the real work of transforming delivery at City of Glasgow College in a new working landscape.

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