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This week we are launching a new Google based site to promote much of the work we have done over the last eighteen months for internal and external audiences. This blog is an example, powered by Reclaim Hosting, it has a backend management console that allows staff across the College to access wordpress blogging capability, when they need this, without putting a strain our IT systems.


Innovation in Adversity

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Staff, while juggling their own domestic commitments, are finding ways to develop engaging learning experiences .  We can see a lot of thought and design going into Moodle courses and higher levels of interactivity through quizzes , forums, and other tools. 

Staff have been embedding  Wakelets , H5P ,Google Sites and the Blended Learning Consortium content alongside links to digital materials in the College’s library to give students a rich learning experience. 

We can see too great use of Zoom , Click-View and YouTube to provide short episodes of learning embedded in courses.
On assessment staff are developing flexible solutions and making good use of dropbox and Turnitin where these are required. 

Student feedback is positive. They understand the challenges we are all facing . They appreciate the richer content , collaborative activities and zoom sessions.  They enjoy using social media to support their formal learning and classes use a variety of tools to stay in touch. Like any other year the students are looking for more feedback.  Some innovative staff are doing this through voice and video recordings as well as through more traditional feedback mechanisms. 

The biggest challenge is a very human one, how do we get everyone to work with their camera switched on ?. We have a plan!

Remember the LTA offers on-line support and weekly sessions to develop your delivery skills.